Thursday, May 7, 2009

Schwarzenegger Urges a Study on Legalizing Marijuana Use

~~ Why is this TechnoPolitical ?
Because Hemp -- whether Industrial 
or Medicinal or Recreational--
is a modern natural solution to
many economic woes ,
and as well,  
to  many costly health problems .

To have a natural un-adulterated
plant ILLEGAL is insane.

Part of technological maturity 
is unterstanding how to
best use what nature 
gives us for free.

Hemp is woven 
into human history. 
{ Pun intented }
Hemp is the strongest natural
 fiber there is.

The USA legalized 
& utilized HEMP
in "World War Two" with
"Hemp for victory"
as it was the 
cheapest and best fiber
for many military uses during WWII.

Also , ever wonder where the name
"Hempstead" came from ?
 now have
 a POTUS who has smoked pot , and inhaled-- and liked it.
It is time to legalize, tax , 
and educate everyone 
-- young and old-- 
honestly all about  
the Great Weed.

The TERMINATOR is correct here.
This issue needs public debate !


Schwarzenegger Urges a Study on Legalizing Marijuana Use

Published: May 6, 2009

LOS ANGELESGov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Tuesday that the discussion over whether to legalize and tax marijuana for recreational use in California would benefit from a large-scale study, including international case comparisons, to show the possible impact of such a change.