Friday, September 16, 2005

Advertising in the Age of the Empowered Voter - A View from Washington

~ I Got this by e-mail.
This event wil explore lobbying and activisim from a TechnPolitical view.

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"Advertising in the Age of the Empowered Voter - A View from Washington"

When:Wednesday, September 21, 2005 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

How do mobile, blogs, and podcasts change political and advocacy communications?

E-Voter Institute is hosting bipartisan events to delve into the ways in which these and other new technologies are changing the political landscape.

Join campaign strategists, online pioneers, researchers, journalists, and media experts for the first of three lively discussions about the role of Internet and wireless technology for politics and advocacy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

BBC NEWS | Technology | Vloggers get political in Norway

BBC NEWS | Technology | Vloggers get political in Norway: "A video-blogger from Bergen in Norway is turning his camcorder on politicians, ahead of Norwegian parliamentary elections on Monday."

Nice !!

Friday, September 9, 2005

BBC NEWS | Technology | UK digital rights group sets up

BBC NEWS | Technology | UK digital rights group sets up: "A UK-based organisation to preserve digital rights and freedoms has been set up thanks to pledges of money by those passionate about such rights."

Also Nice !!

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Yahoo, Chinese police, and a jailed journalist |

~` We in American tend to forget what a blessing a politically free internet is. ~tp

Yahoo, Chinese police, and a jailed journalist | "police, and a jailed journalist
By Robert Marquand | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
HONG KONG – The role of the US Internet firm Yahoo in helping Chinese security officials to finger a journalist sentenced to 10 years for e-mailing 'state secrets' is filtering into mainland China. The revelation reinforces a conviction among many Chinese 'netizens' that there is no place security forces can't find them.

Yet if netizen reaction in China is resignation, the story of Yahoo's complicity in the arrest of Shi Tao, a journalist with the Contemporary Trade News in Hunan, brought a spontaneous uproar among Western human rights and business watchdogs."

High-tech goes into action in disaster zone - Science -

High-tech goes into action in disaster zone - Science - "The problems with the response to Katrina's devastation show that the technologies related to disaster relief — ranging from communications to rapid-response transportation to search-and-rescue techniques — are sorely in need of an upgrade, said Lois Clark McCoy of the National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue.

'It does no good to shoot this group of sitting ducks and put in a new batch of sitting ducks,' McCoy said, referring to the political finger-pointing already well under way. 'The problem is not the people, the problem is the system. We have to redesign the system for catastrophic events.'"

during a time when the telegraph & telephone where young

~~ In 1906 --- during a time when the

telegraph & telephone where young ,

and still more rare than common-

--- the emergency response to the

San Fancisco earthquake

is a model for

what could have been

in New Orleans 2005.
Mr. Bush there are no excuses.

Our modern system of digital instant communication ,

proved useless,

in the fumbling hands of your Administration.

The big mystery now is whether you Mr. Bush

even understand your failure.

If you do ,

just 'fess up.

It is the only way to re-gain any respect at home and abroad.

I can forgive my President's mistake.

But now I live with the horror of my

President under delusions

that nothing more could have been done.

~~ ~ TP


"Before the Flood"

Sept . 8, 2005

THE last time a great American city was destroyed by a violent caprice of nature, the response was shockingly different from what we have seen in New Orleans. In tone and tempo, residents, government institutions and the nation as a whole responded to the earthquake that brought San Francisco to its knees a century ago in a manner that was well-nigh impeccable, something from which the country was long able to derive a considerable measure of pride.

This was all the more remarkable for taking place at a time when civilized existence was a far more grueling business, an age bereft of cellphones and Black Hawks and conditioned air, with no Federal Emergency Management Agency to give us a false sense of security and no Weather Channel to tell us what to expect.

Nobody in the 'cool gray city of love,' as the poet George Sterling called it, had the faintest inkling that anything might go wrong on the early morning of April 18, 1906. Enrico Caruso and John Barrymore - who both happened to be in town - and 400,000 others slumbered on, with only a slight lightening of eggshell-blue in the skies over Oakland and the clank of the first cable cars suggesting the beginning of another ordinary day."

Yahoo defends itself over China accusations - Yahoo! News

Yahoo defends itself over China accusations - Yahoo! News: "Just like any other global company, Yahoo! must ensure that its local country sites must operate within the laws, regulations and customs of the country in which they are based,' Yahoo spokeswoman Mary Osako said in a statement e-mailed to Reuters by the firm's Hong Kong arm.

Yahoo declined to confirm or deny that it furnished the Chinese government with the information."

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

InformationWeek > Microsoft Internet Explorer > FEMA Aid Site Blocks Access To Firefox, Macs, Linux Users > September 7, 2005

~~ F. E. M. A.
A Division of
the United States of Mircosoft, Inc.~

"FEMA Aid Site Blocks Access To Firefox,
Macs, Linux Users"

Sept. 7, 2005

By Gregg Keizer
TechWeb News

"Users looking to file claims online for government help must be running Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later with JavaScript enabled."

"That blocks everyone running Linux, Apple Macintosh computers, and Windows users running alternate browsers such as Firefox or Opera."

Internet satellite imagery under fire over security - Yahoo! News

Internet satellite imagery under fire over security - Yahoo! News: "South Korean government officials have said they will contact officials in Washington to express their security concerns about the Google Earth product.

Among the buildings that can be seen on Google Earth, with a high-resolution package, are the South Korean president's residence, military bases and the defense security command. The government restricts information about the location of these facilities and their construction."

Sri Lanka's military spokesman, Brigadier Daya Ratnayake, said it was a serious concern if anyone could get detailed images of sensitive installations and buildings. "But this is a new trend, we will first have to see whether, in this day and age, if this a considerable threat to national security."

"In this era of technology -- you have to live with the fact that almost everything is on the Internet -- from bomb-making instructions to assembling aircraft. So it's something the military has to learn to live with and adapt," Ratnayake said.

A security official in India said the issue of satellite imagery had been discussed at the highest level but the government had concluded that "technology cannot be stopped."

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Liquid drop takes big nano step

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Liquid drop takes big nano step: "Professor Leigh concedes the work is early proof-of-principle but he is bolstered by the knowledge that nature uses molecular machines to do all of its jobs. He believes it can only be a matter of time before we are tapping into that know-how.

'Mankind, despite all of our technology in the 21st century, we use molecular machines to do nothing,'"

Missouri Sues Web Site Purporting to Raise Funds - New York Times

~~ Cyber-fruadsters sprout like

mushrooms after a hurricane.~` TP

"Missouri Sues Web Site Purporting to Raise Funds"

September 7, 2005

"The Missouri attorney general, Jay Nixon, filed a lawsuit this afternoon against, the hub for a constellation of Web sites erected over the last several days purporting to collect donations for victims of Hurricane Katrina."

"Also named in the lawsuit, Mr. Nixon said, is the apparent operator of the donation sites, Frank Weltner, a St. Louis resident and radio talk show personality with ties to neo-Nazi organizations and the notorious Web site"

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Breaking down the Great Firewall

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Breaking down the Great Firewall

Breaking down the Great Firewall
By Kevin Anderson
BBC News

The complex system that the Chinese government uses to control the flow of information - known as the Great Firewall - has holes.

And these holes became more evident during the recent anti-Japan protests as a complex system of text messages, blogs, online instant messages, e-mail and bulletin board systems spread word about the marches.

The Chinese government and the Chinese people constantly play a cat and mouse game over the flow of information.

For every new restriction and technical door that the government slams shut, the Chinese people find a hack, a workaround or an entirely new way of communicating.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Yahoo 'helped jail China writer'

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Yahoo 'helped jail China writer': "Internet giant Yahoo has been accused of supplying information to China which led to the jailing of a journalist for 'divulging state secrets'."

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

» Thanks to tech, Gilligan couldn't happen today | IP Telephony, VoIP, Broadband |

» Thanks to tech, Gilligan couldn't happen today | IP Telephony, VoIP, Broadband | "Thanks to tech, Gilligan couldn't happen today
-Posted by Russell Shaw @ 2:12 pm

* General

Sad to hear that Bob Denver, who played Gilligan on 'Gilligan's Island,' passed away today at the age of 70.

The 1964-1967 series, as you probably know, involved passengers on the SS Minnow, a tour boat that hit a storm, got marooned on a deserted island, and spent years trying to escape or get rescued.

Yet could a protracted 3+ year castaway fate happen today? Probably not.

I don't recall if the Minnow's radio washed overboard, failed or even if one was on board. But I do know that today's 'Minnow' would have had:

* Hand-held GPS to pinpoint their position;
* Hand-held satellite phone to call for help;
* Satellite-delivered Internet access,such as through an Iridium sat phone;
* Maybe even Skype or other Internet telephony, reachable through a sat phone or a High Speed Satellite Internet Solution from InfoSat;
* Better radar, drawing on the efficiency of geosynchronous weather satellites not fully deployed at the time.

And do I even need to mention satellites that cover most of the earth's surface, and could surely zoom in on a deserted island along the presumed sailin"

"Vanished, Under Force of Time and an Inconstant Earth" ; By DENNIS OVERBYE / NYT/

~~ ` This article below serves to remind us that

societies , cites , and even nations –

can over the long term,

be very transient entities. ~


"Vanished, Under Force of Time and an Inconstant Earth"

September 6, 2005


"'Cities rise and fall depending on what made them go in the first place,' said Peirce Lewis, an expert on the history of New Orleans and an emeritus professor of geography at Pennsylvania State University."

Changes in climate can make a friendly place less welcoming. Catastrophes like volcanoes or giant earthquakes can kill a city quickly.

Political or economic shifts can strand what was once a thriving metropolis in a slow death of irrelevance.

After the Mississippi River flood of 1993, the residents of Valmeyer, Ill., voted to move their entire town two miles east to higher ground.

What will happen to New Orleans now, in the wake of floods and death and violence, is hard to ............"

From :Vanished, Under Force of Time and an Inconstant Earth - New York Times:
September 6, 2005


"The Council for Excellence in Government works to improve the performance of government at all levels; and government's place in the lives and esteem

--To promote e-government as a revolutionary tool for improving performance and better connecting people to government; and

--To improve the connection between citizens and government and encourage their participation in governance.

The Council is supported by members (called Principals)---

private sector and nonprofit leaders who have served in

government and are united by a strong, sustaining

commitment to Council objectives-

--and by project grants and

other funding from government agencies, corporations and

foundations. [ Zzzzzzzzz, worst sentance ever. ~` tp}

Former Presidents Carter, Ford, Bush and

Clinton are honorary chairs of the Council.

~~~ Sound like a bunch of young idealiastic kids to me . They'll learn. ~` ` ` ` t p

Monday, September 5, 2005

"Killed by Contempt "- By PAUL KRUGMAN

Published: September 5, 2005

"Killed by Contempt "

"Each day since Katrina brings more evidence of the lethal ineptitude of federal officials. I'm not letting state and local officials off the hook, but federal officials had access to resources that could have made all the difference, but were never mobilized."

"Here's one of many examples: The Chicago Tribune reports that the U.S.S. Bataan, equipped with six operating rooms, hundreds of hospital beds and the ability to produce 100,000 gallons of fresh water a day, has been sitting off the Gulf Coast since last Monday - without patients."

"Several recent news analyses on FEMAs sorry state have attributed the agency's decline to its inclusion in the Department of Homeland Security, whose prime concern is terrorism, not natural disasters...."

After Failures, Government Officials Play Blame Game - New York Times

~~ it seems clear that much has gone wrong.

And all signs point to a FEMA gutted by the Bush Team.

FEMA --[ like NASA ]-- used to be a " always can-do" agency.

Katrina has made the Bush Administration FEMA look impotent ~`

~ ~ ` TP

"After Failures, Government Officials Play Blame Game"

This article was reported by Scott Shane, Eric Lipton and Christopher Drew and written by Mr. Shane.

"'We wanted soldiers, helicopters, food and water,' said Denise Bottcher, press secretary for Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco of Louisiana. 'They wanted to negotiate an organizational chart.'

Mayor C. Ray Nagin of New Orleans expressed similar frustrations. 'We're still fighting over authority,' he told reporters on Saturday. 'A bunch of people are the boss. The state and federal government are doing a two-step dance.'"

Sunday, September 4, 2005 Rehnquist & First Amendment: end of an era analysis

~ ~ ` Justice Rehnquist is one of the more interesting ChiefJustices in American history. Both in character & intellect.

Rehnquist had the paradoxical effect of increasing the Federalist power of the Supreme Court by often overturning Congressional legislation....

.. while at the same time issuing other decsions that greatly decreased the Federal reach over states rights.

This article here is a nice overview of
Justice Rehnquist's legal legacy . ~~ TP


"Rehnquist & First Amendment: end of an era"

Ronald K.L. Collins

First Amendment Center scholar
09.04.05 analysis:

"Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist's death ends a

judicial career that has left its mark on our

constitutional law of freedom of expression and

religious liberty.

Rehnquist II Court (the Court as currently

constituted)has been sharing courtroom and chambers

since the fall term of 1994.

Since then, the Court has handed down 58 First

Amendment freedom-of-expression opinions in

matters involving religious speech, association rights,

Internet regulation, government-employee expression,

indecent speech, commercial expression,

telemarketing, prisoners’ speech, campaign-finance

laws, hate speech, and various kinds of zoning laws

affecting free speech, among others."


e.thePeople : Article : What is Cuban President Fidel Castro's secret?

~` Yes, Totalitarianism works well in War and emergencies.

["Mussolini made the trains run on time" is the classic pol-sci quote.]

We must remember that our freedoms come with a price.

Today that price is
a President who is grossly under
qualified to handle emergencies.

{ Anyway , I though that is why we had Cheney as Veep,
to handle the hard stuff !}


"What is Cuban President Fidel Castro's secret?"

posted 09/04, by bocamp22

Last September, a Category 5 hurricane battered the small island of Cuba with 160-mile-per-hour winds. More than 1.5 million Cubans were evacuated to higher ground ahead of the storm. Although the hurricane destroyed 20,000 houses, no one died.

What is Cuban President Fidel Castro's secret? According to Dr. Nelson Valdes, a sociology professor at the University of New Mexico, and specialist in Latin America, 'the whole civil defense is embedded in the community to begin with. People know ahead of time where they are to go.'

'Cuba's leaders go on TV and take charge,' said Valdes. Contrast this with George W. Bush's reaction to Hurricane Katrina. The day after Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, Bush was playing golf. He waited three days to make a TV appearance and five days before visiting the disaster site. In a scathing editorial on Thursday, the New York Times said, 'nothing about the president's demeanor yesterday - which seemed casual to the point of carelessness - suggested that he understood the depth of the current crisis.' "


Firms testing Web-based immigration check

Firms testing Web-based immigration check: "
But across the country, a small group of businesses is quietly testing a Department of Homeland Security program that can check immigration status with a few clicks on the Internet. The program will likely be at the heart of any federal immigration reform, even as critics say it needs improvement.

'It's not a question of 'can we fix this?' It's 'when and how?'' said Tamar Jacoby, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute think tank who specializes in immigration.

Many businesses, however, oppose making the program mandatory because it would stop them from hiring illegal workers and force them to pay higher wages, said Maria Echeveste, an immigration expert and political consultant who worked as a deputy chief of staff in the Clinton White House."

"Rehnquist's Death Puts Stevens in Charge" By ANNE GEARAN , Associated Press Writer

~~~ Justice Stevens is my favorite Justice.

He is 85 and now in charge.

Click HERE to see an earlier--- and now important--- article on a

recent spreech he gave.

~ ~ ~TP

"Rehnquist's Death Puts Stevens in Charge"

By ANNE GEARAN , Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The death of Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist leaves the court's oldest member, 85-year-old liberal Justice John Paul Stevens, temporarily in charge.

Stevens, although chosen for the court by a Republican president, has emerged as the court's most liberal member.

Stevens, although chosen for the court by a Republican president, has emerged as the court's most liberal member.

That is due more to the court's gradual shift rightward under the leadership of the conservative Rehnquist than to changes in Stevens' own philosophy.

Small, acerbic and dapper in a bow tie, Stevens has a quiet and genial manner on and off the bench.

He is less likely to badger lawyers who argue before the court than some of his colleagues, and often says little during oral arguments.

He speaks in public infrequently, and is not the constant presence at arts performances or charity functions frequented by some of his colleagues.

He lives part-time in Florida, and spends his off-hours playing competitive duplicate bridge and tennis.

© 2005 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

Saturday, September 3, 2005

By MAUREEN DOWD: "United States of Shame"

~~~ The first

line of this piece is a Grand

Slam sentence ~` TP

September 3, 2005
United States of Shame

"Stuff happens.
And when you combine limited government with incompetent government,
lethal stuff happens."

In Manhattan, Poor Make 2¢ for Each Dollar to the Rich - New York Times

In Manhattan, Poor Make 2¢ for Each Dollar to the Rich - New York Times

Friday, September 2, 2005

"U.S. Sells the Most Weapons to Others" : Congressional Research Service:

~~ Oh what a surprise.

I never would have guesed this one.

I would have guessed Texas.

{ Well Texas used to be a country.}
~` tp
"U.S. Sells the Most Weapons to Others"

"Developing countries are the weapons' primary buyers. And the U.S. has been the most active seller for the past eight years, resulting mainly from agreements made in the aftermath of the first Gulf War.

The U.S. was responsible for more than 42 percent of the deliveries to developing nations in 2004.

Russia, which ranks second, sells mostly to China and India, as well as a number of smaller, poorer countries.

The CRS study, which is done each year, was written by national defense specialist Richard Grimmett.


On the Net:

Congressional Research Service:

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Hallmark of Bush presidency: control over information flow |

Hallmark of Bush presidency: control over information flow | "September 01, 2005 edition

Hallmark of Bush presidency: control over information flow
By Pat M. Holt
WASHINGTON – Disagreements with President Johnson over the Vietnam War drove Congress to circumscribe the powers of the presidency so much that when Johnson left the White House in 1969, it was said it would take until the end of the century to restore those lost powers. Thanks to a succession of weak presidents, the end of the century arrived without much having been done in this respect.

Richard Nixon, impeached by the House over Watergate, resigned to avoid trial by the Senate. Gerald Ford was unable to deal with the mess Nixon left. Despite the considerable accomplishment of the Camp David accord making peace between Egypt and Israel, Jimmy Carter was weakened by the hostage crisis in Iran and the botched rescue attempt. Ronald Reagan and his vice president, George H.W. Bush, had the Iran-contra scandal. For Bill Clinton, it was Monica Lewinsky and an impeachment trial (he was acquitted)."

BBC NEWS | Technology | Q&A: File-sharing ruling

BBC NEWS | Technology | Q&A: File-sharing ruling: "Q&A: File-sharing ruling
The US Supreme Court has dealt the company behind the Grokster file-sharing network a heavy blow
The US Supreme Court has ruled against file-sharing firms
In a shock decision the US Supreme Court has ruled that the firms behind file-sharing networks must answer for what people do on these systems. Here we take a look at the decision and the implications it has for the future.

What did the court decide?"

BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | Computer alert for drowning girl

BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | Computer alert for drowning girl: "The girl, from Rochdale, was at the deep end of the pool in Bangor, north Wales, when she sank to the bottom.

The £65,000 system, called Poseidon, detected her on the pool floor and sounded the alarm. A lifeguard pulled her out and she recovered in hospital.

It is thought to be the first such rescue in the UK." - Massachusetts Plans to Dump Office - Massachusetts Plans to Dump Office

Government prefers Open Document Format to proprietary Microsoft formats.

Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service

Sep 1, 2005 6:00 pm

CBS News | Not A Time For Partisan Sniping | September 1, 2005 09:00:05

~~ I agree with the below's headline.

This is a time for the noblest of human qualiites, not political cheap shots.

For a least a week I would like to only see the best

non-partisan face our politicians can muster.

~` ~


CBS News |

"Not A Time For Partisan Sniping"

| September 1, 2005 09:00:05:

"This event is frankly too big to have opinions about. All I can think to do is point to one of my all-time favorite college quotes: 'Think of destiny,' the Roman Emperor and stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius wrote in the second century, 'and how puny a part of it you are.'