Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Obama Experience :I mean the POTUS posting his NCAA Basketball picks, amazing !!!!

With the November 2008 election of President Barak Obama,
the world of TechnoPolitics has entered a new era.

The Obama election campaign team completely mastered the use of the Internet & Digital Communications in the 2008 primary & general elections , and Team Obama has forever changed how the sport of electoral politics is played. And also how the technological tools & grassroots of politics are used in issue lobbying.

has been well documented by the mass media for the past three years.

When I started this academic project of the study of the "Internet & Politics" back in 1999, the topic was very niche. I really had to dig for research information.( And I have preserved much of the obscure early-Political -Internet-history here on this blog site.)

Today in 2009 , some TechnoPolitical message spills in to my email's inbox hourly; even from President Obama himself, as well as other Democrats , many Republicans and from everyone else on down, whom I
give --or who gets-- my email address

And today in 2009
is a major website in its own right.

It will -- and has already --become a daily stop online for many
if not most cyber-broad-banded Americans.

I mean the POTUS posting his
NCAA Basketball picks
, amazing !

While there maybe you will read some policy papers. Then again , maybe you won't.