Friday, May 21, 2010

It rains . My INTERNET modem goes on and off repeatably.

Dear CableVision:

Let me summarize :

It rains . My INTERNET modem goes on and off repeatably.

Sometimes the surge is so strong , that because I only have USB ports on my computer, the surge causes my Windows to reboot.

I loose no data when this happens and the computer is unharmed.
it is just a pain.

I understand ,, that now cable vision DOES NOT support /endorse using a USB to connect the modem to the computer,, but I have no choice........

..... AND UNLESS IT RAINS -- with water getting into a corroded Cablevision Telephone pole box some where --- unless it rain ,, I HAVE NO PROBLEM !!

No rain ,, no re-boot problem. there should be no problem when it rains --that IS CABLEVISIONs problem , not mine.

We just did a test here at my house , and sprayed water with the garden hose all over the tele-pole directly behind my house. MY INTERNET was un affected. Being the last rainy day - Tuesday May 18th of this week ---- the INTERNET did go on and off REPEATABLY all day , the problem is another tele-pole box somewhere.

ALSO -- it is very clear , that the cablevision box on the tele-pole behind my house is SHINNY BRAND NEW ! Meaning it was recently changed --- as I have been told by your tech support guys all the way through for 3 weeks now.

The problem of the INTERNET going on and off on ONLY rainy days , is clearly not in my house , not the box behind my house on the tele-pole ,, BUT ANOTHER tele-pole box.

This point point was agreed upon by a senior tech rep who spoke to me last Friday May 14 -- the day No ONE showed up for a scheduled appointment.

AGAIN --please forward this email to the highest ranking folks at cablevision who supervise BOTH field repair and customer service.




hide details 6:24 PM (30 minutes ago)

Mr. Technopolitical:

Thank you for taking my call today. As agreed I will arrange a tech to come to your home between 2PM and 5PM on Friday 5/28. The tech will replace the NIC card in your computer and replace the your present modem with a Docis 3.0 modem.
Please let me know if for any reason we need to change these plans. My phone details are attached below.
Thank you again,