Monday, October 31, 2005 - Caterpillar contest predicts mild winter - Nov 2, 2005 - Caterpillar contest predicts mild winter - Nov 2, 2005: "HAGERSTOWN, Maryland (AP) -- If you believe the caterpillars, maybe people in the mid-Atlantic states won't need as much wool this winter."

Nature knows nature. 

News from PC Magazine: US High Court Won't Hear Wireless Radiation Appeal

~~~ Interesting bit of news here.

But will the courts & lawyers resolve this BEFORE
our cell phones kill us ??

Be smart , use a headset whenever possible. ~~ ` `TP

WASHINGTON (Reuters)—Class-action lawsuits against wireless telephone companies over radiation emissions will be able to go forward, after the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear an appeal by the companies."

News from PC Magazine: US High Court Won't Hear Wireless Radiation Appeal:

Friday, October 28, 2005

Confused about the CIA leak case? Start here. Christian Science Monitor

~~Nice article here below , for those who have not followed Plame-gate from its start.

Looks like 'Libby' -- the Vice Presidential Chief of Staff-- will be indicted for lying during the investigation.

At least Bill Clinton only lied about haveing sex.

Libby may have lied to obstruct the truth on matters of national-- and even global --- security.

Why ? To protect a calculated lie the President G.W. Bush made during the 2003 State of the Union address. Read below for more.~~ ~ ` TP


The Christian Science Monitor, Fri Oct 28:

"Confused about the CIA leak case? Start here."

By Linda Feldmann, Staff writer of The Christian Science MonitorFri Oct 28, 4:00 AM ET

For almost two years, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has led an investigation to determine whether anyone acted illegally when the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame was made public. After hearing testimony from some of Washington's most powerful figures, a grand jury is expected to issue indictments as soon as Friday. The Monitor's White House correspondent, Linda Feldmann, answers key questions about the case.

Q. How did this affair begin?

At its heart lie questions about the Bush administration's case for war against Iraq. On Jan. 28, 2003, in his State of the Union address, President Bush included these 16 words: "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."

The implication was that Iraq was developing a nuclear-weapons program. But US intelligence officials had by then - and have since - expressed doubts about that claim. In July 2003, Joseph Wilson, a former ambassador to two African countries and Iraq, wrote an op-ed in The New York Times disputing Mr. Bush's statement.

The CIA, he wrote, sent him to Niger in 2002 to determine if Iraq had tried to buy uranium from Africa. He concluded no. One week after Mr. Wilson's op-ed, syndicated columnist Robert Novak reported that Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, worked as "an Agency operative on weapons of mass destruction."

At issue is whether Mr. Novak's government sources blew her cover as a CIA agent, in violation of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982..............;_ylt=AuS0tA5sKD5c2CDnGXU16Wys0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b2NibDltBHNlYwM3MTY-

Copyright © 2005 The Christian Science Monitor

Explaining the Charges

Explaining the Charges: "Explaining the Charges

By Fred Barbash
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, October 28, 2005; 3:12 PM

Lying about a crime, the accusation against I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, has itself been a crime since the time of Hammurabi."

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Another difference between tobacco and marijuana :

~~~ Legalize it . Or at least de-criminal it . It is medicine that works~~~
----------------- "But cannabinoids have been shown to dial down this inflammatory response,inoids -- both those found in marijuana and the versions found naturally in the body -- Melamede explained.

Another difference between tobacco and marijuana smoking, he said, has to do with cells that line the respiratory tract. While these cells have receptors that act as docks for nicotine, similar receptors for THC and other cannabinoids have not been found.

Nicotine, Melamede said, appears to keep these cells from committing 'suicide' when they are genetically damaged, by smoking, for instance. When such cells do not kill themselves off, they are free to progress into tumours. "

Health News Article |

Health News Article | "By Amy Norton

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Although both marijuana and tobacco smoke are packed with cancer-causing chemicals, other qualities of marijuana seem to keep it from promoting lung cancer, according to a new report.

The difference rests in the often opposing actions of the nicotine in tobacco and the active ingredient, THC, in marijuana, says Dr. Robert Melamede of the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

He reviewed the scientific evidence supporting this contention in a recent issue of Harm Reduction Journal.

Whereas nicotine has several effects that promote lung and other types of cancer, THC acts in ways that counter the cancer-causing chemicals in marijuana smoke, Melamede explained in an interview with Reuters Health.

'THC turns down the carcinogenic potential,' he said.

For example, lab research indicates that nicotine activates a body enzyme that converts certain chemicals in both tobacco and marijuana smoke into cancer-promoting form. In contrast, studies in mice suggest that THC blocks this enzyme activity.

Another key difference, Melamede said, is in the immune system effects of tobacco and marijuana. Smoke sends irritants into the respiratory system that trigger an immune-regulated inflammatory response, which involves the generation of potential"