Wednesday, March 22, 1995

The Internet explosion began in 1995

The Internet explosion began in 1995 

with the introduction of Microsoft Corporation’s

 Windows 95, and its Internet Explorer.

 Before this historical watershed the Internet was a sparsely populated domain composed mainly of academics, technophiles and even some political activists.[26] 

 World-wide in December 1995 there were about 16 million users of the Internet[27] out of a global population of over 4.5 billion (~.0036 %). Just 7 years later in December 2001 a Neilson/NetRatings survey of the largest 22 industrial nations shows at least 422.4 million Earthlings to be online,[28] (nearly 10% of the world population). About 140 million of these users are in theUnited States, with 54% of the total American population connecting to the web[29] at home, work or school.