Monday, November 5, 2001

groups -- globally and locally -- use the Internet as an organizing too

The Pew Foundation American Life Project (

“Lee Rainie, the [Pew’s] project's director, said [that] groups -- globally and locally -- use the Internet as an organizing tool. A classic example on the global scale, he said, is how the protests against the World Trade Organization were organized.”

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'Study defines 'local groupies'
by Dibya Sarkar.
Nov. 2, 2001.

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Friday, November 2, 2001

Study defines 'local groupies'

Study defines 'local groupies': "
Study defines 'local groupies'
BY Dibya Sarkar
Nov. 2, 2001

Although a new study suggests that Internet use doesn't signal a revival of civic engagement, Americans are going online to 'intensify their connection to their local community,' using it for public discussion and to gather information about local governments and schools.

The study assessed the scale of two kinds of online users: 'Cyber Groupies,' who join online groups with no geographic boundaries, and 'Local Groupies,' who connect with groups based in their community.

The resulting report -- 'Online communities: Networks that nurture long-distance relationships and local ties' -- estimated that there are 90 million Cyber Groupies and 28 million Local Groupies. The study was conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project (, a Washington, D.C.-based research group that studies the Internet's societal impact."