Thursday, May 7, 2009

The rise of government 2.0

~~ The White House on "Facebook, MySpace and Twitter". 
 Pretty cool actually , and maybe politically important.
 President Obama likes to
 circumvent the old guard media and go strait to the people. 
 It may help for a President-People axis of power , that will get Congess to move on issues like health care.  
Let us hope so !! 

The rise of government 2.0
By Micah L. Sifry & Andrew Rasiej 

 5/7/09 @ 4:32 AM EST

Last Friday, the White House made a splash online by announcing the launch of its official presence on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, the popular social networking hubs. In doing so, President Barack Obama’s new media team demonstrated its understanding of one of the most basic facts of online culture and communications: You have to go where people are, instead of expecting them to come to you — no matter how big your brand. 

“Technology has profoundly impacted how — and where — we all consume information and communicate with one another,” the White House blog noted in a post titled “WhiteHouse 2.0.” It added, “ is an important part of the administration’s effort to use the Internet to reach the public quickly and effectively — but it isn’t the only place.”