Monday, May 25, 2009

Mobile.POLITICO:The A-list: The best email lists in politics

~Email has really taken off as a fund raising tool, I believe beyond anybody's realistic expectations. The stratospheric amounts that Obama 2008 raised using the internet will go down as a historic watershed.

And as we see below even though Hillary Clinton lost, her email list still lives and prospers~~

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Clinton’s online mint isn’t even considered the best in its class. There are a handful of other lists, in both parties, that are thought to be either equal or even more potent.Using the criteria used by political pros to assess the value of these emails lists—size, freshness, comprehensiveness (does it include addresses, land lines, cell phone numbers or donation data?), open rates (what percentage of emails in a given send get opened), click-throughs (how many links are activated), actions and donations (how many emails result in a contribution or a letter to member of Congress) as well as intangibles like buzz and list managers’ skills—here is POLITICO’s ranking of the top five most potent email lists in politics