Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How does the data get stolen from my computer?

~~ TWO Nice articles over at CNET today.
One for those of you
who want to understand how online rip-offs happen.
( Beside the crazy over-charges from our ISPs
for hi-speed bandwidth we never really get.)

And another for those of you who still use P2P file share programs.
Which I really do not any more. Simply too many virus bugs in cyberspace, and too much data on my computer that I value.

FAQ: Demystifying ID fraud
How does the data get stolen from my computer?
There are many ways sensitive data can be pried out of computer users. In a typical social-engineering phishing attack, a consumer opens an e-mail that looks like it was sent by the consumer's bank, Amazon, PayPal, or some other trusted source. With a bogus excuse, such as suggesting there was a security incident and the user needs to verify his or her account details, the e-mail will prompt the recipient to provide username and password via a link to a Web site that looks legitimate but isn't. The consumer enters the information and continues on, not knowing that the data is now being sent to criminals.

P2P bill could regulate Web browsers, FTP clients

May 5, 2009 4:30 AM PDT

news analysis The U.S. House of Representatives has scheduled a hearing Tuesday to examine a bill that would force peer-to-peer applications to provide specific notice to consumers that their files might be shared.