Sunday, May 31, 2009

"On Streets and on Facebook, Homeless Stay Wired"

~~Digital Technology has now even become part of the homeless lifestyle. The internet is such a useful tool that it can actually ease the burden of social isolation that is part of being homeless.

Remember : Technological Advances are meant to improve the quality of all people's lives ; housed or houseless.~~ posted from Blackberry by technopolitical~~

"On Streets and on Facebook, Homeless Stay Wired"

May 31, 2009
9:43 AM

Like most San Franciscans, Charles Pitts is wired. Mr. Pitts, who is 37 years old, has accounts on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. He runs an Internet forum on Yahoo, reads news online and keeps in touch with friends via email. The tough part is managing this digital lifestyle from his residence under a highway bridge. "You don't need a TV. You don't need a radio. You don't even need a newspaper," says Mr. Pitts, an aspiring poet in a purple cap and yellow fleece jacket, who says he has been homeless for two years. "But you need the Internet.¤tPage=0

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