Monday, July 5, 2010

"At Yahoo, Using Searches to Steer News Coverage"

~~~ Not a Big fan of this . I trust (most) journalists & editors to tell me what is important--
that I might other wise miss in my busy day.

I do not want "what is news" to be determined
by what is popular.
--[ I can always watch FOXnews if I want that] ~~~

"At Yahoo, Using Searches to Steer News Coverage"

Mr. Barrett, a former publisher for the Web site of The Los Angeles Times, said many mainstream media outlets would start to come around to the idea if they did not feel pressured to let it affect their coverage.

“There’s a middle ground here in which publishers and news organizations can learn a lot about their audiences and what they want in real time and take that into account generally,” he said. “But that does not need to affect the specific story assignments.”