Friday, April 17, 2009

Control of Cybersecurity Becomes Divisive Issue

~~ "Control of Cybersecurity"
was Not a big Issue during the 2008 elections.
It is now .
Life is full of surprises.


Control of Cybersecurity Becomes Divisive Issue
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Published: April 17, 2009

WASHINGTON - The National Security Agency has been campaigning to lead the government's rapidly growing cybersecurity programs, raising privacy and civil liberties concerns among some officials who fear that the move could give the spy agency too much control over government computer networks.

The Obama administration is expected to complete an internal cybersecurity review on Friday and may publicly announce its new computer-security strategy as early as next week, White House officials said Thursday. That plan will determine the scope of cybersecurity efforts throughout the federal government, they said, as well as which agencies will take leading roles in protecting the government's computer systems.