Thursday, August 25, 2005

On the Front Lines in the War on Spam -

~~ I treat spam aggressively. At my Yahoo! Email , I rarely get spam in my inbox because I report the spam right away , and the Yahoo! Filters work very well at future diverting of like spam to the Bulk Mail folder .

But I am online almost constantly
--- I have a tel-commuting real job --
{ and you though this is how I feed myself ,
oh you are so cute,
I'm blushing ]

--so I do check my email as it comes in ,
and can afford to do alot of
to report spam as it arrives .
Which now is less a three a week to my Yahoo inbox!

Meanwhile my junk mail at Yahoo!
does fill up with at least 30 spam mails a day,,
BUT my inbox stays pretty clean.

[Google's g-mail also seems good so far w / spam , but it is too early to tell .]

However , if you check an active email box only once a day ,
or once every few days ,
and you got 47 spam and
59 real important emails
all mixed together in you Inbox
all the time :

Well your doomed!!
Doomed I tell you !
You will never win against spam !!

{ I feel like giving off a loud evil laugh , but i might wake the neighbors .}


On the Front Lines in the War on Spam

On the Front Lines in the War on Spam
"There are different initiatives happening, but we do not expect anything that would dramatically reduce spamming in the next 12 months," said Arabella Hallawell, e-mail security analyst at Gartner.