Tuesday, August 23, 2005

BBC NEWS | Europe | Canada sends navy to Arctic north

~~~~ Canada vs. Denmark !!! On the brink of war !?!?!
This is real?!?!

The arms dealers must be salivating.

Polar Warfare Specialists send in your resumes. { All three of you ! }

You'd almost think the Onion was the source here .

I go with the side that will keep the
Arctic North pristine.

Though no one is sure who that will be yet. ~~ TP

"Canada sends navy to Arctic north"
By Lee Carter
BBC News, Toronto

Canada is sending its navy back to the far northern Arctic port of Churchill after a 30-year absence.

The visit by two warships to the area is the latest move to challenge rival claims in the Arctic triggered by the threat of melting ice.

The move follows a spat between Canada and Denmark, over an uninhabited rock called Hans Island in the eastern Arctic region.

A visit there by Canada's defence minister last month angered the Danes.

Now two Canadian warships, the Shawinigan and the Glace Bay, are on a mission to display what Canada calls its territorial sovereignty over parts of the Arctic it believes are within its borders.