Sunday, February 27, 2005

National Government ID cards

~~~National Government ID cards have the potential for serious abuse. Recent hacking incidents into the data bases of both Gov't , and Commmercial , shows that while national security is important , a certain wall of privacy for American Cittzens needs be maitained to keep America a truly free place. Write to you legislators to oppose the bill .{On the Net:, Information on the bill, H.R. 418} ~ ~ TP

Groups Share Concerns About House-Passed Bill That Rewrites

By SUZANNE GAMBOA Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON Feb 27, 2005 --
"But in Montana, members of the state House are refusing to cede

their driver's license authority to Washington. Last week, they

approved a bill that prohibits the adoption of federal driver's

license standards for noncommercial licenses.
On Capitol Hill, Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Calif., was one of eight

Republicans who voted against the bill."In our efforts to protect

our homeland and increase our border security we must move

forward with solid measures. At the same time, our individual civil

rights are nonnegotiable," Pombo said in a statement. "The

establishment of a national ID card, I believe, has the possibility of

violating those rights."

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