Wednesday, February 2, 2005

“Employees to be billed for personal Net use?” ,By Munir Kotadia ,,

~~ Below-- “Employees to be billed for personal Net use?” -- another example of how the Techno-Age is invading our private lives.

Employees have always drank from the water cooler, make personal copies, and used the phone to call their doctor, & etc.

Work is a job, and not prison, therefore companies have to allow employees to do needed life tasks.

Why should CEO’s and senior executives get all the perks

? And how often do you hear employees complain about being asked to do personal tasks for their bosses.

Hopefully most companies will see that charging for bandwidth will simply cause employees extra life-stress and as well cost them loyalty & morale among their employees.~
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By Munir Kotadia
Story last modified Tue Feb 01 09:13:00 PST 2005
Employees to be billed for personal Net use?

Employees who surf the Net at work could receive a bill each month for the cost of borrowed bandwidth and wasted time if Australia-based Exinda Networks' URL- and bandwidth-monitoring system takes off.

Exinda Networks says it's developed a system that allows a company to monitor exactly which Web sites are visited by each employee and how much bandwidth has been used--in terms of a cash loss to the employer. Con Nikolouzakis, director of Exinda Networks, said the URL- and bandwidth-monitoring system was designed to ensure that employees are held responsible for the cost of misused bandwidth and time……….Additionally, the employee could be presented with a bill.

"Theoretically, individual employees could be charged a fee for non-business-related Internet usage on a monthly basis, if an employer wanted to get tough on staff abusing their Web access but didn't want to block them altogether," Nikolouzakis said.

However, not everyone agrees that charging employees for personal bandwidth is a good idea.

James Turner, industry analyst for security and services at Frost & Sullivan, said that charging employees for personal bandwidth usage would stir up a hornet's nest because bandwidth is relatively cheap and employees get a "morale boost" from having some freedom to surf at work.