Monday, June 18, 2012

Legalize Paid Consorts: Empower the Woman! Expel the Criminal Elements from the Sex Industry:

RT @MMViverito : @RobHalperin @WSJ @nyccouncil: Driver must be criminally convicted before being subject to civil penalties of this law.

 Dear Councilmember Melissa Mark-Viverito (@MMViverito) :

 Paid Consorts have been part of Human Culture since the beginning of Human Culture. It cannot be legislated away.  The more the Government goes after it, the worse the problem becomes, as society's criminal elements take over the operations. 

Instead of the women being the ones in control of their service and trade , the woman become slaves and commodities of the Criminal Elements. 

 Now in NYC the "War" on Paid Consorts is going after livery drivers. In doing this, the law is just creating a new "criminal class", one pulled from a group of otherwise 'law abiding working people'. Average NYers who are just trying to survive and feed their families. 

    Livery drivers already have one of the most dangerous jobs in NYC. They are surely going to take any fare that does not put them at risk to be killed in some high crime 'hood.   The risk to the drivers in driving around Paid Consorts is most  certainly less that many other fares that may come their way in our city, even with the new law.

   So now, like with the war on drugs, where the combating the drugs, creates more death and destruction than the drugs themselves, the same here in war on Paid Consorts by the Government. 

  *  Instead of a simple economic transaction between client and customer, we now have pimps, drivers, hotel owners, and advertisers, who are accessory to "crimes".

  * All the Gov't is doing is upping the ante and stimulating the growth of a broader criminal culture, that would otherwise not exist. 

  * As well all the Money transacted  though these vice industries now goes un-taxed and into the black hole of our nation's economy, further degrading it as well:

Make it all legal: Paid Consorts have been part of Human Culture since the beginning of Human Culture. It cannot be legislated away. 

Let the Workers in the Paid Consort Industry Unionize and take control of their trade:  Clearly subject to  strict regulation and monitoring to protect all involved:

~ best 

aka: @Technopolitica