Thursday, June 3, 2010

Can you copyright your DNA ?

"Copying: It's in our DNA!"

by icon Technopolitical(profile)
If I clone you, is your DNA yours still ?

Can you copyright your DNA ?

I am asking .

It has been in the news lately a bit ,

Search , and get back to me.


So a guitar player walks into a bar

with a little Monkey on his head.

the bar owner says:

hey, where did you get that ?!?!

And the monkey says,

Greenwich Village NYC!

there are loads of them !


a pirate geek

goes to the same bar ,

with a little monkey on his head

the bar owner asks him:

well, where did you get that?

and the monkey says :

The apple store , they all over the place !!!

And get this,,

this geek says he is not copyrighted !

He is now my property to do as I wish.

I can clone him a million times ,

and make slaves for me.