Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Database for Everything

I think this a good , even great thing. OK , as pointed out below it may create a sea of data so large it will be hard to navigate,, but as also pointed out , there are tech firms already looking to solve that issue-- which is a little economic boost right there. ~~ technopolitical

A Database For Everything
By Erika Lovley |

6/24/09 @ 5:06 AM EST


The government has answers. Lots of answers. Wondering which airline is the most stingy with passenger snacks? No problem. Want to know how many people were injured by vending machines last year? Got that, too.

Agencies and departments already boast countless registries and databases of seemingly bizarre, seemingly useless information, but lawmakers continue to call by the day for the creation of new databases.

Since January, Congress has introduced bills that call for the creation of nearly 40 new databases and registries, by POLITICO’s count.