Monday, May 27, 2002

The State of E-Activism and CyberPolitics…

"The Below are 'WebClippings' w/ Links , related to my project. I think you may enjoy scanning the articles below the get a sense of How Digital Technologies are changing the logistics of Political Activism.

These Clippings are the result of many long hours digging the Web for relevant articles to my topic. While not all of the Clippings here directly relate to E-Activism from the Citizen prospective, they all provide valuable 'Net-Culture' background. The more I get into the topic I see myself going into four main areas:

1. E-Letter Writing, Lobby Campaigns, and Mobilization for rallies or marches. The goal here is the Cause. How is the web directly activating people? Several articles and emails are below with statistics.
2. The web as a Democratizing Information Portal.
3. The web site, , operated by the Environmental Working Group, a small nonprofit organization had and still is having a major impact on this years Farm Bill debate , and was highlighted in a recent NY Times article. Political Campaigns (
4. where the goal is your vote.) As you will see from the clippings below, the 2000 race was the first national web race as well , and candidate websites were an important factor in many races.

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