Wednesday, January 9, 2002

"100,000 Messages to Congress to Help Farmers Help the Environment"

From an email alert:

Dear Robb Halperin, January 2002 *************************** Action Network from Environmental Defense finding the ways that work *************************** CONTENTS: ACTION NETWORK AT WORK! 2001 YEAR IN REVIEW - Arctic Refuge Wins Reprieve; 100,000 Messages to Congress to Help Farmers Help the Environment;

Offshore Oil Drilling Moratorium Protects Most US Coast TAKE ACTION NOW - Canada Fights Oil Drilling Off Coast ECO-TIP - Stop Catalogues from Flooding your Mailbox ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENSE'S NEW WEBSITE ***************************** ACTION NETWORK AT WORK! SUCCESS STORIES AND UPDATES: Environmental Defense Action Network activists like you were very active in 2001. In a year marked by the tragic events of September 11, we also can share some notable successes in our efforts to take action online to protect the environment. Together, we now reach nearly 150,000 email activists who sent nearly 1 million pro-environment messages last year. Highlights in 2001 include: *** Arctic Refuge Wins Reprieve...For Now *** Last year, 200,000 messages from email activists helped ensure that the Bush Administration and special interests were unsuccessful in pushing a bad energy bill through the Senate that would have increased our dependence on oil, opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to oil drilling, and more. However, the oil industry and their allies will be at it again with a new push to open the Arctic to oil drilling. Act now to protect the Arctic Refuge and provide true energy security. Take action! *** Helping Farmers Help the Environment *** Nearly 100,000 messages from email activists helped Environmental Defense lead the way in a national campaign to pass a conservation-oriented Farm Bill in Congress. The Senate has delayed consideration of a conservation-oriented Farm bill until early this year, allowing us to mobilize more public support for this important issue. Get more information about the Farm Bill debate and our plans for this year. Stay tuned! Click here: