Wednesday, December 12, 2001

"Asian-Americans and the Internet: The Young and the Connected"

Asian-Americans and the Internet: The Young and the Connected

For release at noon (Eastern), December 12, 2001

34% of Asian-American users get the day’s news online during a typical day, compared with 22% of whites, 20% of Hispanics and 15% of African-American Internet users.

78% of Asian-American users have sought travel information online.

53% of Asian-American users have sought financial information online.

49% of Asian-American users have sought political information online.

68% of Asian-American users have used the Internet for school research, compared with 51% of white users;

59% of Asian-American users have gone online for work-related reasons, compared with 50% of white users.

A table comparing Asian-Americans’ use of the Internet with other groups is on page 10 of this report…………………//////////


Online Asian-Americans are voracious consumers of information, especially on a typical day.

" The most popular form of information gathering is simply accessing the day’s news – about three-fifths of Internet users of different races have ever gotten the news online.

However, Asian-American users are much more likely to have made getting the news online a part of their daily lives.

Just over a third (34%) of users get the news online on a typical day. In comparison, 22% of white users get the news daily, along with 15% of African-American users and 20% of Hispanics online.

Asian-American users are also more likely than other Internet users to have gotten news on the financial markets, sought travel information, looked up information about their hobbies and gotten political news on a daily basis. Much like others with Internet access, online Asian-American users frequently turn to the Internet to find the answer to a question. Fully three-quarters of Asian-American users have done so at one time or another, and about a fifth do so on a typical day."